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Payments and refunds are made in UK pounds. Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any loss due to exchange rate fluctuations if you are purchasing from outside of the UK.




Sale does not transfer copyright, all work is Copyright © Becky Chan Art.

Copying, reproducing or distributing my work without consent is strictly prohibited. Purchase of any forms of my work does not transfer copyright, distribution or reproduction rights to the buyer. 


I retain copyright on all work produced and I reserve the right to use the work created on my website, for prints and promotional material. If customers are uncomfortable having their commissioned artwork used for prints and promotional material, please make this known upon ordering.


The images, photos, videos, files and content of digital downloads are licensed for individual, personal use only. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.

It is advised that you download all purchased digital product files within 30 days of order placement. By placing an order to purchase a digital download, you acknowledge and agree that Becky Chan Art shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for the expiration of digital product download links after 30 days of order placement.

All purchases of digital downloads are final. Due to the nature of digital items being available immediately for digital download, there is no way to “return” the items. Therefore, you cannot cancel your purchase of a digital download(s) once delivery has started. By placing an order to purchase a digital download, you acknowledge and agree to this. The returns and refunds of digital downloads are not accepted, except as required by law.





If a customer wishes to cancel a physical (non-digital) commissioned portrait before it is shipped, a money back guarantee minus the deposit is agreed. The deposit is non-refundable.





I hope that you will love your commissioned artwork! However, if you are unsatisfied with the final product, please notify me at within 7 days of its arrival. Changes cannot be made to the portrait at this point as it will have already been varnished. However, a 30% refund will be guaranteed once the client has returned the physical (non-digital) portrait in its original condition within 14 days of the complaint. The customer must meet the cost of shipping.

To avoid this circumstance, a photograph of the finished artwork will be sent for approval before it has been varnished and this is the time to request 2 revisions maximum if necessary.




By purchasing my product(s) and/or using this website you indicate that you have read the terms and conditions and accept them. You also agree that you have read and understand the privacy policy and give your consent.




- Credit / Debit Cards

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